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CrowdWays HLA integration

Project Description

As a proud sponsor of the SISO SimSmackdown event now renamed the Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE), ForwardSim provides distributed simulation tools to participants from different universities so they can quickly get up to speed with distributed simulation and bring their knowledge to this experiment.

In 2013, ForwardSim joined the federation execution with its crowd simulator CrowdWays to demonstrate a successful integration of DSim API in a commercial application. CrowdWays has been used to simulate astronauts walking on the surface of the moon as part of a large federation of simulator interacting with each other.

Even though this is not a traditional application of CrowdWays, it really shows the flexibility of the environment and demonstrates its potential to communicate with other applications through the DSim API interface.


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Project Details

Date August 25, 2014 Author Daniel Verret
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