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How fast can you evacuate in case of an emergengy?

Safety is always top priority when it comes to event planning. Both, event planners and local authorities are responsible in establishing an efficient evacuation procedure that has to be communicated to the participants. For an event where several thousands of people are expected, unfortunate things can happen either from inside or outside the actual event site. Emergency vehicle may need to maintain access to the site at any time during the event. In such a case, will several thousands of people need to be moved? If something major happen on site creating a panic amongst the participants, does the site have enough exits? Are they wide enough to avoid too much pressure on the pedestrians in order to ensure a safe exit?


While keeping an eye on security and participant control, the event planner also need to consider event profitability. For example, having too much exits to control or allowing too much space for emergency vehicles may affect the financial outcome of the event. The optimal solution is always hard to identify. ForwardSim can provide both the products and the unique expertise required for crucial decision-making support and consequently the optimal solution.

  • Evacuation time
  • Participant security & comfort
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Event profitability
  • more …