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Large-scale event planning with appropriate security and transportation plans where several thousands of people are expected is complex and difficult to achieve. Simulations of crowd dynamics along with accurate site representation are crucial. This provides scenario-based analysis capabilities to support decision-making.


CrowdWays is a complete multi-agent simulation environment for event, emergency and evacuation planning and analysis. This collaborative environment simulating crowd dynamics is designed to support planning discussions and improve communication between stakeholders. Engineered to support simulation with more than 250 000 entities simultaneously CrowdWays is suitable for events of any magnitude.


Used for initial planning, data collection and post-analysis CrowdWays will accelerate event planning efficiently and reduce most associated risks.

  • Large event with massive crowd management requirements.

  • Emergency service performance evaluations.

  • Evacuation plan design, analysis and optimization.

  • Public transportation requirements and schedules.

  • Security planning and intervention analysis.

  • Time management and analysis for event-crisis.

  • Post-event analysis permitting comparisons between the projected planning and the actual one, in gathering precious information for future events.