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Knowledgeable. Affordable. Effective.

  • Rational thinking

    Engineers and mathematicians supporting your decision process with rational and scientific inputs.

  • Methodical approach

    Experience in solving complex problems through simulation brings new dimension to your discussions.

  • Scenario analysis

    Establish measure of performance and build appropriate models to support decision making.

  • Collaboration

    Knowing about methodology, our experts will work with you in order to achieve your objectives.

  • Flexibility

    Accommodating projects of any size our professionals will perfectly match your requirements.

  • Seeing it!

    Gain confidence in your plan by visualizing the potential outcome long before the event.


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    Consulting services

    We will gladly and efficiently  work  with your staff. Providing you with models and simulation results, we will lay out the necessary information you need to make the best decisions.

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    Site Modeling

    Site modeling includes 3D visual and pedestrian movement matching project requirements and providing unexpected inputs with a powerful communication tool.

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    Train your own staff on how to use simulation to improve your decision process using the wide range of features available in our crowd simulator CrowdWays.


  • Delivering solutions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Building relationship


We have dedicated team of expert available to answer your questions and make sure you achieve your objectives.

Daniel Verret | CEO, ForwardSim Inc.