Crown dynamics for urban planning
CrowdWays 3.0

Crowd Management | Urban Planning

Avoid problems, minimize risks

CrowdWays – The complexity of crowd management goes far beyond fences and a place for everyone. Popular events attract more people than ever before. Proper security planning is a must for successful events

  • CrowdWays Environment

    Complete, powerful and flexible environment for crowd/pedestrian dynamics simulation.

  • Key Features

    Loaded with powerful features, CrowdWays can model any site and provide the desired outputs.

  • Benefits

    CrowdWays provide decision support and facilitate communication between stakeholders.


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    Event Planning

    No matter the size, the place or the environment, CrowdWays can simulate efficiently any kind of events. Providing a great means of communication, it lowers the risk associated with event planning.

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    Stadium-Flow Analysis

    Stadiums worldwide now accommodate an increasing number of people with high expectation. The in and out “people-flow” accessing stadium facilities is a complex system that can be analyze with CrowdWays, providing valuable information.

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    Evacuation Analysis

    Outdoor events, high rise buildings, city centers, shopping center and shopping centers all have evacuation plan requirements. CrowdWays is used to simulate and prepare better evacuation plans and lower the associated risks.

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    Crowd Control Training

    Simulation provide a great training means for events that are nearly impossible to reproduce such as manifestations. CrowdWays is a powerful training tool to better prepare security agents and overall security.

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    Surveillance Camera Training

    With its capability to introduce pedestrian behaviors, CrowdWays is the perfect environment for surveillance camera operator training and camera configurations.

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    Facility Planning

    With the growing population, facilities have to be designed to accommodate several people at once. Proper facility planning is becoming more important then ever, and a key to successful events.